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Herbal Tea Blends

Choose from 5 Tea Blends formulated with various themes in mind.
  • Sunbloom
    tea of good cheer with: rosehips, hibiscus, lemon balm, lemon grass, stevia leaf
  • In The Moment
    this is it with: oatstraw, chamomile, rosemary, hypericum, lavender
  • Tone
    nourish and strengthen with: nettle, hawthorn leaf and berry, comfrey leaf, red raspberry leaf, peppermint
  • Deep Breath
    exhale with: mullein leaf, spearmint, hyssop, golden rod, marjoram
  • Heart Ease
    courage and resilience with: linden flower, tulsi basil, hawthorn leaf/flower/berry, rose petals, oatstraw
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Simple Tea

A "simple" is a more intimate tea with just one herb at a time.


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Custom Tea Blend

Made just for you. Let me know your preferences in the order box below and I will make it.
add your herbs:


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Nourishing Infusions

Order herbs for your nourishing herbal infusions by the ounce.
4.00 ea


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Nourishing Infusions Starter Kit

Get started, or help someone else get started, with drinking nourishing herbs. This box contains 1oz. each of 5 nourishing herbs, a mason jar, cheesecloth, and instructions.