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Castile Bar Soap

Here's your chance to get clean in more ways than one! Feel good about what you are putting on your body, how the ingredients are sourced, and what is and isn't going down the drain.
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Liquid Castile Soap

Made with saponified olive and coconut oils.
3 sizes

Come into the shop and fill your own container for .75 per ounce.

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Hand Soap

Antiseptic, but not drying. Our liquid castile soap with 3 essential oils: tea tree, palma rosa and rosemary.
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Castile Facial Wash

A gentle and aromatic face (or body) wash with our liquid castile base, aloe vera, and lavender
2 sizes


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Soap du jour

Herb and oil-infused artisan soaps with creamy lather and slightly exfoliating
4.50 bar
more choices after June 15


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Specialty Milled Soaps

Our castile bars are re-milled with herbs for a finer, harder (it floats) soap bar that lasts longer.
5.00 bar
3 choices