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Herbal Oil

Unlike essential oils, these are whole-plant infused oils which do not carry a strong scent or contraindications. They are full of herbal goodness and wonderful for body and scalp massage. Leaves, flowers and sometimes seeds are harvested at the ideal time and combined with a carrier oil to infuse into the oil over a period of time. They are then decanted to render incredibly complex whole-plant ois.
Small batch means that there is only a limited amount available each season.
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Simple Salves

Herb-infused oils are combined with a bit of beeswax for ease of application and are stored in small tins and jars for portability.
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Always Balm

The gal Friday of herbal balms with calendula, comfrey and hypericum...always to the rescue.
3 sizes


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Muscle Rub

An infused herbal oil blend of juniper, grapefruit peel, ginger and black pepper with a bit of beeswax for easy application. This special balm was created for easing achy muscles with heat and circulation promoting herbs.
3 sizes


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Body Scrubs

"Flowers & Salts" blend combines lavender, roses & calendula blossoms with mineral salts and jojoba oil for a restorative scrub which feels divine to all the senses.
The "Brown Sugar Scrub" is a simple blend of organic brown sugar with grapeseed oil. This can be customized with an aromatherapy oil.
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Bath Salts

Blended sea salts and mineral salts to which optional oils may be added.
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Bath Fizzies

Mineral salts and citric are combined with beautiful hydrosols, oil, and herbs to turn your bath into a relaxing, restorative spa. Choose from 4 different fizzy packets: orange blossom(neroli),lavender, forest, rose (enough for 3 baths) or
purchase a set of 3 "Serene' Bath Bombs containing a blend of rose, lavender and clary sage hydrosols.
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Marine Mineral Bath

Toss a large sachet filled with dried Atlantic kelp and fucus into your warm bath and soak away. Relax in the minerals and essence of the ocean.
2 sachets

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Herbal Foot Spa

This is a kit with all the ingredients you will need to give your feet the love they deserve. Not only will your feet thank you, but your whole body will thank you for this easy-to-do foot spa. Included: Soaking basin with lid(for easy storage), herbal foot scrub and fizzy, herbal foot(soak) tea, herbal foot spray, sumptuous foot butter, cuticle oil, and instructions. Enough ingredients for several treatments.