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Infused Herbal Oil

Herbs are harvested at the ideal time and combined with a carrier oil. The herbs infuse into the oil over a period of time and are strained off to render an incredible oil to be used in body care.
2 sizes


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Simple Salves

Herb-infused oils are combined with a bit of beeswax for ease of application and are stored in small tins and jars for portability.
3 sizes


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Always Balm

The gal Friday of herbal balms with calendula, comfrey and hypericum...always to the rescue.
3 sizes


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Muscle Rub

An infused herbal oil blend of juniper, grapefruit peel, ginger and black pepper with a bit of beeswax for easy application. This special balm was created for easing achy muscles with heat and circulation promoting herbs.
3 sizes


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Body Scrubs

"Flowers & Salts" blend combines lavender, roses & calendula blossoms with mineral salts and jojoba oil for a restorative scrub which feels divine to all the senses.
The "Brown Sugar Scrub" is a simple blend of organic brown sugar with grapeseed oil. This can be customized with an aromatherapy oil.
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Bath Salts

Blended sea salts and mineral salts to which optional oils may be added.
2 sizes
optional: enter essential oil

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Bath Fizzies

Mineral salts and citric are combined with beautiful hydrosols, oil, and herbs to turn your bath into a relaxing, restorative spa. Choose from 4 different fizzy packets or a package of 3 bath bombs.
Packets of 3


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Marine Mineral Bath

Toss a large sachet filled with dried Atlantic kelp and fucus into your warm bath and soak away. Relax in the minerals and essence of the ocean.
2 sachets