Welcome to the Good Life inspired by nature.

I'm Rebecca Ingalls, an herbalist and therapist on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. I move through the seasons in close relationship with the plants, soil, and places they grow; cultivating and harvesting for an ever growing and changing pantry of herbal provisions. On the pages of this website, you will discover the plants, with their nourishing nature, in many forms: delicious body-loving oils, creams, salves, teas, extracts and more.
A selection of local, ethically cultivated, harvested and dried herbs is also available upon request.

Never stop questioning.

What you won't find on these pages is medical advice. I am a down-to-earth educator who is willing to work along side folks who wish to cultivate a healthy, experiential approach to herbalism as part of an age old, practical matter of living on this earth.